Sunday, August 2, 2015

Same place, but new studio

So, the last post reported that I was back in the studio after a five-month absence while undergoing chemo. Six weeks later and I'm in a new studio, but still at Cincinnati's Brazee Street Studios.

It's a much larger space in what's nicknamed the "Brazee Barn," a pole barn behind the main building that was converted into a space for four studios. It's a light-filled studio with five windows (including a trio that open), super-high ceilings, and enough room to work on some of the larger pieces I have in mind for "Remnants," my solo show next summer at Colorado's Loveland Museum.

Here's a glimpse of the big move …
Piling up boxes in anticipation, along with a moving dolly
lent by my studio neighbor, mosaic artist Joyce Kaufman.
The dolly proved indispensable for moving furniture. 
Chaos after the work tables were moved.

Work table top ready to be moved,
along with everything around it,
so that the huge flat file could be tackled.

The start of rolling up all the maps, prints, etc.
from the flat file, which took 2.5 hours to empty.

Two views of the new studio with just the work tables,
and smaller shelves. They were moved first, so we could
pile stuff on them as the move progressed.