My materials

Copyright-free Victorian scraps.

Copyright-free Arm & Hammer trade cards from its "Useful Birds of America" series.
My collages are one-of-a kind originals incorporating antique and vintage paper, and other finds. 
You'll spot postcards, engravings, greeting cards, sheet music, wallpaper, scraps, trade cards, 
illustrations, text, tickets and other paper goodies. Plus, a smattering of ephemera - paper/fabric tape measures, game pieces, buttons, hat pins, postage stamps - as well as modern recyclables such
as used gift bags and wrapping paper. I dumpster dive and make illegal u-turns when I've spotted 
a yard sale or intriguing pile of trash.

My rules: 1) recycle. 2) respect copyright. 3) reject photocopies, mass-produced collage sheets,
faux ephemera.

I've been collecting paper and ephemera for decades. It started with a passion for Victorian/Edwardian
holiday postcards, but has slipped into the early 20th century with recent detours into the 1940s-'60s.

Acrylic and watercolor paint, ink, pastel, liquid chalk, markers and colored pencils are used, which is
what makes most of the pieces "mixed-media." They are glued onto archival bases with archival glues.
Each is signed and sealed to protect the fragile papers.

If you have old paper you'd love to see recycled in a creative way, contact me.

Copyright-free, fold-out anatomical illustration from Medicology (1905).

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