Open Studios break

Open Studios are on hiatus at Brazee until Friday April 8.
But I am in my studio most weekday afternoons.

Reminder: My new studio
I have moved to a bigger studio at Brazee.
Look for me in the "Brazee Barn,"
a pole barn with four studios behind the main building.
It is directly off the parking lot.

Directions to Brazee Street Studios
4426 Brazee St., which connects with Madison Road (landmark:
 Red Feather restaurant on the corner). 
Turn onto Brazee, and you'll see the studios on the right
 (landmark: Shepard Fairey mural).


 Available on the street or in a lot behind the building.
To get to the lot: continue on Brazee until it dead ends at Enyart. 
Turn right onto Enyart. The parking lot will be on the right,
past the bright blue (I do mean bright blue) house on the right.


  1. Love the work and your detailed commentary. Great website, blog, and the rest. And of course, the images are resonating with me, a person of a "certain age."