Friday, March 11, 2011

Fragile: two views

I've been debating whether this collage should have a vertical orientation (above) or a horizontal one (below) - and am still up in the air. It started with the handwritten text, which is from a series of three 1909 classroom notebooks kept by a medical student that I found at a flea market. To the left of the notes, is a piece of a leather book spine with a shattered surface that reminded me of a fracture. To the right is a thigh bone and text from "Young People's Physiology" (American Book Co., 1888).

Looking at this piece now, I'm also tempted to crop it a quarter-to-a-half inch on all sides, especially if it ends up in the horizontal position. I'll post the outcome when I make up my mind about the final look. 5" x 5" on acid-free paper.   {SOLD}

Update: the vertical orientation won out ... and I didn't crop it.

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