Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Grand Tour: 13

I'm winding down The Grand Tour series for a bit. One more is in progress on a work table and it will be No. 14. I've made 11 since moving into my new studio just eight weeks ago and need a break from them. I loved the voluminous skirt of the dress, which was shown in the June 1865 issue of Godey's Lady's Book, and the wistful appearance of the woman. Behind her is a German postcard with its original stamps. The city scene is softened by a vellum overlay under the railing that came from a travel brochure. To show the range of The Grand Tour, which hit all the European Continent's hot spots, Venetian gondoliers glide by her hem.  4.5" x 7" on the inside of a varnished, leather antique book cover; hangs from a brass chain. $75 + $5 shipping & handling

Of note: the dress is described as "cuir-colored* poplin Imperatrice, trimmed with narrow black velvet, and fancy jet and gilt buttons" with a corsage (bodice) of "very long coat tails, trimmed with velvet and buttons, and finished with black chenille tassels." *dark brown

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