Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Yearning

This is the newest piece in the Bubbling Over series mentioned the other day when I posted Damn. Clowns. That piece - also created just last week - was snapped up during Friday night's open studios but this one wasn't hung, because - well - I got behind on matting, etc. The engraving from The Chatterbox was titled "A Peep at Italy." It seemed to me that the woman was longing for something. I wasn't sure what, then, started thinking about Italian shoes.

One thing lead to another. The large circle contained an inset with another Italian scene, which was cut out - saved, of course, for future use - and a collection of shoes that are part of a vintage Andy Warhol fashion illustration was glued under the engraving. The remainder of the shoes are from a variety of sources,  from books, recycled greeting cards and an antique issue of Godey's Lady's Book. 5.5" x 8.5" on archival mat board with acrylic, ink and watercolor.

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