Saturday, May 14, 2011

Emma's daily stroll caused quite a buzz

I'm in a spring/summer groove - finally - and working on pieces that are turning out to be whimsical takes on Victorian illustrations as opposed to my usual dark ones. The engraving is from a children's book, whose cover was missing and whose title page I misplaced, but am hunting for. It was tough keeping the umbrella spokes intact but I learned a trick: a coat of clear acrylic spray helps older papers from tearing during cutting - well, mostly.

Most of the butterflies are from recycled postcards, greeting cards and catalog covers. But the sweet bumblebee carrying an elf, yellow butterflies and praying mantis are from the delightful and stylish 1920 children's book "The Turned-Intos" about a girl's discovery of "garden folk." It was written by Elizabeth Gordon, illustrated by Janet Laura Scott and published by Volland - one of my favorite American publishers. I'm an avid collector of their holiday postcards, which often go overlooked by those not in the know. I snap up their books whenever I see them and can afford them, but that's not often enough.

5"x 6.5" on archival mat board  {SOLD}

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