Friday, June 10, 2011

Mind Games IV

This was fun, because I was able - finally - to use one of the color phrenology heads I photocopied a year ago from an image in my archive. I created the copies - the only time I use copies in my work - specifically to use as image transfers. The brain sections were left empty so text or images could be added as the urge hit. Looking at it now, well, I'd like to embellish it ... but the piece is hanging at Redtree Art Gallery for tonight's opening so, that's that.

Beneath the head is a tarot card from one of the dozens of decks* I own; this one happens to riff on Edvard Munch's famed "The Scream" painting. Serving as the cap: a puzzle from The Chatterbox children's magazine, circa 1900s.  4" x 8" on book board, with watercolor and ink.

* when I find the deck, I will add more info about it

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