Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer: 1

This is another one of the narrow-form collages I've been playing around with for the past 10 months or so - and it's also one of the new collages created for this weekend's Botanica show at The Green Corner. In it, I finally got to use another section from Lillian Mary Shackett's 1918 general science notebook. I mentioned the notebook - a flea market find - in May when I incorporated a page from it into Autumn: 2.

I'd love to know more about Lillian but geographical references are not to be found in the notebook. The first few pages were nibbled by mice and text is missing. In any case, I'm pleased to give her notebook new life and a wider audience. Speaking of wide audiences: the book spine is from an early edition of "A Garland for Girls" by the wildly-popular children's author Louisa May Alcott. It belonged to my late mother-in-law but was water damaged beyond repair, so I salvaged the spine. 5" x 10" on archival mat board.

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