Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Grand Tour 17: Matilda's Decision To Remain in ItalyAnswered The Question That Had Hung In The Air For Weeks

This was one of those nice surprises. I had cut out the women from a Peterson's magazine fashion plate to use in another collage but decided on a different grouping. Then, while searching for an image, I found this golden-infused Italian scene and a new collage was born instantly. That doesn't happen often, but when it does, well, it's pure fun.

I was itching to use the beautiful olive branch, which came from a recycled publishers catalog cover, and had a few ideas about the text when I found this snippet in one of my "word" files. Yes, I'm organized to the hilt when it comes to filing paper and have to resist the urge to subdivide it all even more.

This might be one of my favorites in the series for the "Cincinnati Dreams Italy" exhibition, because it reminds me so much of light-infused autumn afternoons in Tuscany and of the silvery olive trees that lined the walk to one of the first places we stayed in the hills just outside Florence. 8" x 8" on archival mat board. (SOLD)

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