Thursday, September 29, 2011


A few weeks ago, I wrote about Eugenie's Friends Felt It Was Time for An Intervention, my first 3D/box collage. It's one of two pieces I've been working on for Encore, a one-night only exhibition Oct. 13 at Memorial Hall that's part of the first Constella Festival of Music and Fine Arts. The exhibit riffs on that evening's concert - "Classic Gems and Contemporary Miniatures" - by featuring miniature works of art.

Beyond the requirement that each work be no larger than 6" there was another one: each work also had to be displayed on a pedestal. The latter made me think twice about participating. A collage in a frame or on a stand seemed boring. Then, I hit on the idea of box collages, which would be more, well, sculptural. By the time I finished Eugenie, which is butterfly themed, I knew that the second box would be about birds.

It's a work in progress, but I'm sharing it, because I'm beside myself with excitement about a great find on a walk last week: a perfect, little bird's nest made of a fascinating array of materials from plastic to human hair to twigs. I cradled in my palms for 2.5 miles until the end of the walk, then, dashed to the studio with it. Voila. The nest fit into the box as if it were made for it. I allowed it to air dry for a few days, sprayed it with acrylic sealer, let that dry, then, painted on acrylic varnish to preserve it. That's it drying in the background. We'll see where the piece goes from here ...

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