Sunday, November 13, 2011

Every time I say I want to go bigger, I go smaller.Now, I'm customizing, too!

Well, I couldn't resist trying my hand at collage ornaments. In this case, tiny collage ornaments. As in 1.5"x1.5" and 1"x3" and 2"x2." The result: my new merry&brite® collection. They are $20 each - and  are available in the studio and Brazee's gallery One One downstairs as part of the Multiplicity/Hang it Up group exhibit.

I didn't realize how difficult working this small would be. The main issue is finding images that will "read" at this size. So, these took much longer to create than I thought they would. There also was the issue of not making them too thick so they could fit into the frames with the glass. That ruled out a lot of recycled greeting card images I planned to use - they were too thick.

The original plan was to make soldered ornaments. I took a class, bought the materials and equipment needed, but once I spotted these frames, well, I bailed. I do think I will solder some day, if only to make pieces the size that I want. I have some beautiful, old, beveled-glass squares I've been itching to turn into ornaments.  

Still, I'm happy with these. So happy that I'm offering to make custom ornaments using your materials or that include a map of the city, state, country you select. Interested? Contact me. The deadline to order is Nov. 25 and delivery is guaranteed by Dec. 16. The price for the custom-made ornaments is also $20.

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