Friday, December 2, 2011

1871: a very good year for The Chatterbox

When I began making collages I was hesitant to tear up the books I had collected just for that purpose. Then, I found a bound 1871 edition of the weekly British children's magazine, The Chatterbox. It was in poor condition, at best. Even then, I waffled.

But I was working on honing image transfer techniques at the time and loved the exquisite engravings of birds and insects that were published in the magazine that year. I have an ink jet printer and ink jet prints run when they are wet, making them a mess when working on a transfer. So, I headed to the nearest photocopy shop. It was too hard to copy them with the book intact, which led to removing pages. The floodgates were opened!

I wrote about the illustrations the other day on Collage365, because I used the robin (shown below) in one of the new pieces in my Out On a Limb series. I thought I'd show some of the other illustrations here. They've been scanned and had some work done on them to make them cleaner transfers. I've ended up using a number of the illustrations and find myself returning to them again and again.

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  1. Chatterbox books were wonderful for young people in the 19th century and later. An 1895 Chatterbox was my favorite book when I was a boy. Enjoy the pictures by all means, but don't neglect the stories -- great yarns for young people who would rather read than watch TV.