Friday, February 24, 2012

Smile, and say "cheese"

© Jonathan Found Juggling the Cheeses To Be
The Most Daunting Aspect of Menu Planning (2012)

Mixed-media collage: recycled paint sample,
 vintage illustrations and menu planner, ink, watercolor.
5"x5" on archival mat board. Matted & framed. Price: $90 [SOLD] 
The man in this vintage illustration looked like he ought to be juggling something. And why not cheese? Actually, I made that decision because I'd been thumbing through a book about French wine that also had terrific photos of cheeses. That got me thinking about cheese courses and picking the cheeses for them. The menu in the background is from a hang-it-in-your-kitchen menu planner published by Volland, circa 1920. Love the inclusion on the menu of "Mock Cherry Pie" - whatever it is. [SOLD]

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