Friday, March 30, 2012

Works in progress ... or fait accompli?

Working title: Julia Had A Certain Spring in Her Step 

Working title: Hope
In early February, I was asked by Cincinnati artists Paula Wiggins and Kay Hurley if I would donate two small artworks - 5x7s - to help raise money for the Jamie Osher Memorial Fund. The fund was created a few years ago in memory of Paula's husband, who died from esophageal cancer. Proceeds go to education and research into the disease.

There is an annual event and as Paula puts it, it has "always centered on art, because that is what we love." The pieces will hang on a "Wall of Hope" during the fundraiser April 26 at Art Design Consultants, downtown. Each piece will sell for the same price: $75.

Of course, I said "yes." These are the collages I'm working on, which may be done but then again, maybe not. It seems that Julia could benefit from splashes of the blue in her hat in other spots. Also under consideration: adding gold leaf to "Hope," which has touches of gold - streaks in her hair, dots on the rays - that are hard t detect here. I'd forgotten about the "Wall of Hope" and titled her "Hope." Now, that's being rethought.

I'll post more details about the event as soon as I have them. Oh, and I'll post the final pieces, too!

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