Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Paper, Scissors, Rock

Paper, Scissors, Rock (2012)
mixed-media collage: antique illustration (The Ladies World, Oct. 1895),
vintage paper doll (Victorian Fashion Paper Dolls, Dover, 1977) and chart
(Stratigraphic Studies of the Silurian Rocks of Pennsylvania: Part 1,

Pa. Geological Survey,1961), recycled travel guide and jewelry catalog,
ink, marker. 5.5" x 11.5" on archival mat board.
Price: $125 (matted, unframed) - available in November.
As promised, here's the second collage in the new series. That's one amazing rock she's wearing. It's from Tiffany's - where else? - and is part of a necklace. At first, it was going to dangle from the top of the page. But the more I moved it around, the less I liked that idea. The cluster of diamonds at the top reminded me of a bow and led to her wearing the piece.

Abigail is from a second set of vintage paper dolls whose clothes are reproductions of fashions published from 1867-1898 in Harper's Bazar (by the way, that is the correct spelling of Bazar; I double-checked). I thought of constructing my own paper dolls from the images in the magazines in my archive  - and may do it at some point - but I liked the idea of using commercially-produced dolls.

Oh, the rock chart/map in the background is from a trio of over-sized booklets I spotted a few weeks ago and passed up, because of a vow to cut back on buying maps. But once this series idea arose, well, I knew exactly where to get more "rocks."

Next up: Rock, Paper, Scissors ...

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