Thursday, May 3, 2012

Social butterflies: Emma and Marjorie
Were Honing Their Networking Skills

© Social Butterflies: Emma and Marjorie Were Honing Their Networking Skills (2012)
mixed-media collage: vintage illustrations (The Delineator, Butterick, May 1923; 
The Butterfly Book, Doubleday Page & Co., 1902; Butterflies and Moths,
Viking Press, 1965); handmade paper; recycled origami paper;
 antique Lotto box (McLoughlin Bros., Trunk Lotto No. 2); watercolor, ink, acrylic sealer;
metal tape; recycled glass

Here's a peek at one of the Social Butterflies boxes in progress. Actually, it's done, but I didn't think to shoot it before putting the glass on top and, well, too much glare to do it now. Memo to self: next time, take the picture before adding the glass. I added a few more flowers and a tiny cricket but that's about it. 

The girls are from the May 1923 issue of The Delineator. As in the other pieces in the series, which also feature illustrations from the same issue, my back story for them has them being more than clothes horses or frivolous party goers. I see them as BF - before Facebook - social networkers, who are honing their skills now that women have the right to vote. That's the story - and I'm sticking to it! 

The ornate paper on the box sides - below - is original. The box housed the pieces for Lotto, a Bingo-type game. I was tempted to add the lid so viewers would have to open it to see what's inside, but decided to try that another time. The lid is wonderful on it's own and, so, I'd like to use it for another piece. The back features a color plate of caterpillars, which - like Emma and Marjorie - will some day morph into an entirely new - and equally fascinating - creatures.  

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