Friday, June 8, 2012

Printmania starts tonight!

Well, thanks to a terrific Mother's Day present from my loving husband - a high-end, archival Epson printer - I'm making prints of some of my favorite collages.

It's been great fun deciding which ones to print among those that have been sold. And, to my great surprise, it's actually been fun to learn the ins and outs of the printer. One thing I have discovered is that the results are so detailed that images need to be scanned at a much higher resolution to really make them pop.

The first crop is for sale in the studio only for now, starting with tonight's Open Studios (6-9 p.m.). They are matted in archival mats that will fit standard frame sizes. Prices are $25 to $35.

1 comment:

  1. Sara, I'm still reading through your blog! I'm assuming that you don't get alerts for this far back, but I'm writing anyway...
    I am ready to get a epson printer...was curious if you would say which model you went with?
    I know it's a year down the road, but would you still recommend yours?
    Heading to your blog finish line...