Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This could explain why Peter was a pumpkin eater

Claudette Conducts an Unscientific Study of
Whether Pumpkin Turns Men On
Vintage illustration and text; recycled paint sample, wrapping paper &
cookbook; ink and watercolor. 5" x 5" on archival mat board.
Price: $75 (matted),  $90 (matted & framed) 

Pumpkin turns men on. Really. In fall of 2010, the Small and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago conducted a study of which aromas act as natural aphrodisiacs and discovered that pumpkin turned men on more than any other smell. Pumpkin pie is my all-time favorite dessert, so, of course, I remembered the study, and had to create a collage with it in mind.

The title isn't too subtle, but the reference to sex in the collage itself is; it's buried in the text, which was torn from a French dictionary. Somehow, French seemed a sexier language than English.

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