Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nellie and Abby's Amazing Shrunken Men!!!

The Grand Tour: Nellie and Abby's "Amazing Shrunken Men" 
 Packed 'em In at Opera Houses from London to St. Petersburg

$225Mixed-media collage: antique, hand-painted fashion plate (Peterson's magazine),
vintage illustrations (Architectural Forum, June 1960; Harter's Picture Archive, 1974),
watercolor, marker, ink, UV sealant. 8" x 11.5" on acid free mat board.

Framed with museum glass. (SOLD)
The Grand Tour continues with two fashionable Peterson's women - I've named them Nellie and Abby - taking their novelty act, Amazing Shrunken Men, on tour. In my mind, they sneak away from their chaperones to perform when everyone else is tucked away in bed for the night. And they're packing the house, as you can see.

The house, in this case, is from the June 1960 issue of Architectural Forum. Thanks to Carla Morales, the graphic designer for Cincinnati's Brazee Street Studios, I received stacks of vintage architecture magazines from her architect sister. While I wrote down the date of the issue, I forgot to note the building. I think it's Philly's Academy of Music, because the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts' wildly eclectic building is on the flip side.

This is another piece for next week's Art Affaire in Milford. Cannot wait to see how they look in the dining room - that's my designated space - of the Promont House.

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