Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cards With a Past ® are downtown now

The newest spot to purchase greeting cards from my Cards With a Past® lines is 5th Street Gallery - my first downtown outlet. Last night, I loaded one arm of a card rack with 21 styles, and plan to switch them out as we go along. They are printed on thick card stock, and packaged with an envelope in an acid-free clear bag ($3.50 each).

The cards use copyright-free images from my archive. So, how can I copyright them? Good question.
It may not look like it, but a LOT of work is done on the images after they are scanned - at a high resolution - into the computer.

Generally, the originals are dense engravings and I get in between the lines to make sure they reproduce with clarity. Some are still works in progress as I go back in and clean them up further by removing part of the image. It can take weeks to get an image where I want it. But it's more than worth the time in the end result - and that end result is a new image with my stamp on it.

There's another twist to the cards. The back of each card includes an excerpt from the publication the image is from, along with bibliographic details on the original publication. Sometimes, there is an additional image, such as below on the back of the "you can handle it" card.

I'm still dreaming up more and having so much fun doing it!    

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