Thursday, October 4, 2012

The art of adornment

Geoffrey Firmly Believed in the Maxim that
the Ability to Accessorize

Is What Separates Us from the Animals
mixed-media collage: antique engravings (The Delineator, April 1894 & June 1898),
photo (J.H. Meyer Photographic Studio, 465 Vine St., Cincinnati) and endpaper,
recycled bead catalog, vintage button (Polly Pearce collection), watercolor, ink.
I offered a preview of the new Victor/Victorian series a week ago and am circling back to it now, because it's done. Well, almost. Going to the framer tomorrow.

Some of the  photo collages are inserted into antique album sleeves, while others -  like this one - are on antique endpapers. The endpaper collages may or may not be trimmed, depending on the frames selected. I'm checking out a local framer with a stock of antique frames. Cannot wait to see what they have on hand.

You'll note that Geoffrey is even more adorned via the addition of the colorful hat pin, some feathers and a rhinestone button from my late mother-in-law's button collection. Oh, and the has title changed, too. Could even change again ... you know how I am.    

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  1. Sara. Still inching along through your history. Looks like you turned a real corner here with these pieces. Am loving seeing your arts timeline. Read some each day. Feels like I am reading a biography!