Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Victor/Victorians are out of the closet

The Victor Victorian series I wrote about in September - has it really been that long? - has been at the framer for quite some time now. But not just any framer. Tim Leslie, above, and Chip Doyle have been working on selecting just-the-right frames from their extensive cache of antiques. Not an easy task. I visited a few times to look over the selections, then, left it in their capable hands.

Well, they got it done - and quite beautifully, too. I had a chance to view the finished pieces last night in a back room at HighStreet, where I was attaching labels to them. Tim quite generously put a bug in owner Leah Spurrier's ear about the collages - he thought they were a perfect fit for her shop, whose motto is "Fierce objects, design, and London style" - she liked them and will be hanging them any minute.

I'm not sure where in the expansive store they will be and how many of them she will be selling. So, stay tuned ...

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