Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lost ... and found

For the past nine months or so, I've been trying to locate a series of leaf images that I knew were in my stash. I looked in every corner of the studio, through the bins labeled "landscape," "flowers," "autumn," etc., even inside books to make sure they hadn't been stuffed in one. Though why I would do that, heaven only knows.

No luck ... 'til yesterday. I was tearing through the flower files looking for foliage for a jungle Grand Tour collage and spotted an archival envelope stuffed with paper. Voila! The missing plates.

I knew they were somewhere. It was quickly apparent why they hadn't been located earlier: the title page and a content page were facing outward, instead of images. So, I skipped over them. Happily, I was looking at every single thing in the files this time. Just goes to show that no matter how organized you think you are - and, yes, I believe that I am compulsively so - things go missing.  Here's a peek at four of the gorgeous chromolithographs, and that pesky title page ...

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