Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More yumminess ...

Having more yummy fun related to the birthday/anniversary celebration of Cincinnati's BonBonerie Bakery. A birthday exhibit opens 8-11 p.m. Friday (April 12) in the bakery's cafe.

I created a trio of cakes for the show. The first two are purely decorative, a departure for me. But as I said in a Facebook post, there are times when you have to give into your inner sugar. The third one, has a story behind it. 

All are on Ampersand's cradled Claybord panels, which have a hardwood base. The wood sides are coated with clear varnish to allow the wood to show. I like that look. Since they'll hang as is - no protective framing - each is sealed with multiple layers of Mod Podge's Hard Coat (which is less sticky when it dries than some other sealers).

The wedding cake - made up of layers of Victorian needlework illustrations - also has piles of Victorian scraps in wonderfully muted colors. Most were a gift from my friend Shirley Tenhover, who I'm sure will appreciate how they have been used. She is, after all, a former cooking teacher and restaurant consultant. 

© Classic 14 Layer Marble Cake

Mixed-media collage by Sara Pearce: original antique trade card and
color charts  (Textbook of Art Education: Book 6, Prang, 1904); vintage
 blueprint  (King Machine Tool Co., 1947); recycled hand- and machine-printed
marbled paper; fluid chalk, acrylic paint, ink; acrylic sealer & varnish; 
hardwood panel. 12" x 12" x 1" (2013)

© Love's Offering

Mixed-media collage by Sara Pearce: original antique embroidery 
engravings (Godey's Lady's Book, Feb. 1858,  April 1859, March 1860, 
Jan. 1864,  Feb. 1865; Peterson's, Jan. 1862, July, 1868, April 1870, 
Nov. 1873, April 1880;  Delineator, April 1891)  and scraps; 
recycled wrapping paper; image transfers;  fluid chalk, acrylic paint,
 ink; acrylic sealer & varnish; hardwood panel. 12" x 12" x 1"  (2013)

The Beginning of the End:
Eve Offers Adam a Piece of Fruitcake

Mixed-media collage by Sara Pearce: original vintage prints and scraps 
(Treasures of Venice, 1963;  Great Prints and Printmakers, 1967); 
recycled wrapping papers;  fluid chalk, marker, ink; acrylic sealer & 
varnish; hardwood panel. 12" x 12" x 1"  (2013)


  1. Unbelievable! Almost edible!!
    You know what, there's worse things than...purely decorative. Look how many people are goingnto get to see and GET collage because of these pieces:).... Lucky cafe!

    1. Laura: Thanks for the kind words. I DO know there are worse things than "purely decorative," LOL!. It's just that I generally like to tell a story.