Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My hearts will go on ...

Newest card in the "I heart" series is for Cincinnati's Mt. Lookout neighborhood. One of its landmarks is the Cincinnati Observatory, and that's why the heart is blue and starry.

The back of the card has something new: an excerpt from "Cincinnati: A Guide to the Queen City and It's Neighbors" (The Wiesen-Hart Press, Cincinnati). The guide - sponsored by the city and state - was published in 1943 as part of the American Guide Series, a Work Projects Administration project to employ writers as the country moved out of the Great Depression.

I plan to add excerpts from the book about each of the other neighborhoods, too, as I reprint those cards.

Next in the series: downtown. Oh, and like the other "heart" greeting cards, this one will become a bumper sticker at some point.

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