Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dream house: before & after

This collage on paper took off from the central image of the doll's house, which came from an elementary school art manual published in 1905 by Prang Educational Co. I strive to use images out of copyright, which I own the rights to or which someone has given me permission to use. This was an attempt at layering - and there are quite a few, composed of vintage geological survey maps, endpapers,   engravings, diagrams and, topping it off, a section from a vintage yard stick. 

The original (top), excluded the girl (below). She was added at the request of the client. I was unsure about the addition. I wrestled with various images until landing on her. In the end, she adds a touch of humanity to a work that was a bit sterile. She also opens up thoughts - at least in my mind - of daydreaming and gender roles, which were only hinted at via the "residence for Mr. & Mrs." label in the top left corner. 

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