Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Grand Tour: 3

One in a continuing series using original engravings from Peterson's Magazine and Godey's Lady's Book. I'm obsessed with 19th century women's magazines and, especially, their "fashion plates." The two monthlies were based in Philadelphia and each had more than 100,000 subscribers in their heyday. Hundreds of women were employed to paint the engravings, making each one an original work of art. But while the engravers, the Illman Brothers of Philadelphia, are credited the women remain anonymous. 

I try to preserve the painted sections and to use tattered plates. (Trust me, no good fashion plate was harmed in the making of these collages). The collages play on the originals' aspirational qualities, as well as commenting on the intricate clothing fashionable women wore whether at home or on the requisite grand tour of the Continent. You'll see more of the series; the new ones are taking an interesting turn. 9.5" x 7.5" on acid-free watercolor paper

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