Friday, February 25, 2011

Tea time

I made this for my friend Ann Hicks, who has an extraordinary dollhouse. The central image is from the same 1905 Prang Educational Co. art instruction manual mentioned a few days ago. Below it is a section of a dollhouse from a 1920s French school primer. The top border's from a 1940s elementary school penmanship text while the bottom one was clipped from the back cover of a mechanical drawing manual (whose date I need to check). The dolls are acrylic gel transfers from an image in the Dec. 1895 issue of The Delineator, a magazine published by Butterick as a vehicle to sell its sewing patterns.

By the way, the splotches of blue ink on the dollhouse were not put there by me. I left them in, because I liked the idea of a child using the book and spilling ink on it. 4" x 6" on acid-free watercolor paper

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