Friday, February 25, 2011


This began as a warm-up exercise in which I rifle through a bin of odds & ends such as sections trimmed from collages and small bits that catch my eye. The idea is to grab a handful and make the piece quickly, without thinking. Sometimes, though, thinking cannot be avoided.

After finishing, it seemed to need something. I found it in my library, in the form of a face from a drawing lesson in "The Popular Educator" (Cassell, London, 1862). I decided to add it as a transfer. The thing about transfers is that they're iffy. Usually, they're a last touch and can destroy a piece if, for example, most of the image doesn't transfer or layers under it are pulled off when the transfer paper is lifted. Happily, he went on easily. 5" x 5" on acid-free paper. {Sold}

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