Monday, May 30, 2011

En pointe: the finished collage

In the last post, I showed the initial idea for a new collage. Well, here is the completed piece. As it turned out, it didn't veer far from its start. I finished cutting out the figure and brightened her with watercolor markers, moved the pencil to the right, then added a gouge and a pen nib.

I toyed with some kind of landscape or stage for the background, then, went to my music file where I found piano music for "Air de ballet" by John Thompson that was published in 1929 by the Willis Music Co. of Cincinnati. Perfect. I glued it down, then added a layer of dance-related text from the 1927 edition of "Nursery Friends from France," one of the trio of My Travelship books published by Chicago's The Bookhouse for Children.

I didn't like the beige color of the papers, so I added layers of acrylic glazes in crimson, pink, bronze and buff, using a dry brush for some areas. It will be coated with a few coats of Hard Coat Mod Podge - a finish I'm testing for the first time to see if it is less sticky when dry than other finishes I've been using. Then, it will be topped by a spritz of acrylic UV sealer to help protect it from light exposure. 5" x 5" on archival mat board. [SOLD]

Note: The pen knife and other dancer will turn up tomorrow in a companion collage titled ... well, wait and see!

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