Wednesday, June 1, 2011

After En pointe: Off pointe, of course!

Oops! Forgot to post the sequel to "En pointe" yesterday. So, here it is. I didn't mention this in the pervious post but the tools are from a number of antique/vintage sources, most notably "Educational Woodworking For Home and School" (MacMillan, 1916). It is quite a treasure trove and I'm mining it to the last page. The sheet music is another section  of "Air de Ballet," the piece used in the first collage. 5" x 5" on archival mat board.   {SOLD}

Note: If I can find similar images of dancers, I'd like to turn this into a series for later reprint as greeting cards or prints after the collages are sold. I could bend my rules and copy the women - yes, they're scanned into my digital archive - change the colors of their dresses, etc. and put them in other situations. I'm thinking that the series could turn into a fundraiser for Cincinnati Ballet. Stay tuned. 

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