Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mind Games: a new series accepted for Redtree exhibit

I just finished a series of six collages, Mind Games, that began life as a book. Let's back up. I attended a book workshop last summer and came prepared with scads of brain and phrenology images. My intention was to create a book titled Mind Games. I am obsessed with phrenology and hope to create more works around the science - pseudo-science? - of categorizing the brain.

Well, as generally happens when I take a workshop, everyone else finished while I was still mulling over designs. I did manage to cover the book boards, paste some medical text down as backgrounds, and clip images to the pages I intended to use them on.

After that, the book languished. Well, I pulled it out a few weeks ago and decided to turn it into a series of freestanding collages - each 4" x 8" - for entry in the exhibit Mind & Matter at Redtree Art Gallery here in Cincinnati. I learned today that all six were accepted for the show, which opens Friday (June 10). Woo hoo.

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