Thursday, October 6, 2011

Read all about it!!

Photo: Kevin Wauligman, Source: Oct. 5th issue of CityBeat. 
Well, here's a peek inside my hyper-organized studio - as well as a peek at me - courtesy of the Cincinnati weekly City Beat. There's a profile of me in this week's issue that I thought I'd share. It reveals much more about me than you've read in this blog.

Part of that is my reluctance to talk about my cancer. The main reason for that is my unwillingness to let it define me. I have it but it is not who I am. Writer Kathy Schwartz was sensitive to that and although the story was bookended by mentions of cancer, the bulk of the piece was about my obsession with paper.

I was hesitant to read it but got over it - and was delighted by what other people said about my work. But I'd add one more thing to the piece if I could and it is this: I would not be here now and in such great shape if not for all the support these past two years from friends, family, acquaintances and even people I didn't know before this. To paraphrase: It takes a village to raise an artist.

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