Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Out On a Limb: 10

I often sets rules for myself when making pieces, well, let's call them parameters - sounds less dictatorial! In any case, when I began this new series within the Out A Limb series, the idea was to combine color and black-and-white images of birds. Then, I found this image in my stash.

The two birds are actually connected to one another, and try as I might to add another, full-color, bird, it didn't work. I could've separated the birds for more flexibility in positioning them, but liked them as they were. So, I tossed out my parameters.

The background looks hand painted, doesn't it? It's not. The "finger-painted" section on the bottom is from a recycled children's book proof, as is the feathered cloud sky at the top. 5 "x 5" on claybord/hardwood panel. [SOLD]

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