Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Out On a Limb: 8

This is the final post of the six new Out On A Limb collages. The parrots were jumpstarted by the background paper on the right side. It's a piece of a recycled file folder with a leafy pattern I find tropical and exotic, not to mention that it echoes the pattern on the birds' wings. The parrot on the far left was added after I thought the piece was done. I was afraid that the bird might get lost in the background and, to some extent, it does - yet still manages to hold its own. 5" x 5" on claybord/hardwood panel, ready to hang. $65 + $5 shipping & handling. [SOLD]

Note: For those keeping track and wondering what happened to Out On a Limb: 7, it is a mockingbird collage that I used to promote November's art shows. It never appeared in a regular post.

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