Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mad Women: The Gloves Were Off

© Mad Women: The Gloves Were Off (2012)
mixed-media collage: vintage illustrations (McCall's Pattern Book, March 1946;
Butterick Pattern Book, Fall 1953; Picture Sourcebook, Dover, 1974), 
vintage Deutsche Bank calendar (1958), recycled ads and flash card, ink.
 5.75" x 9.25" on archival mat board. Framed with conservation glass.
This came about in a more random way than many of my collages. The woman was cut-out to use with a 1950s wallpaper sample background whose pattern I found to be too busy. So, the hunt began for a better background. It took a lot of rummaging before landing on the calendar, which was snapped up at a used book sale for the graphics above the calendar (beautifully printed, stained-glass images from German churches). It wasn't until I looked at it again last week that I realized the year was 1958 - perfect for "Mad Women."

The gloves and "hot" are from advertisements received in the mail. At first, I thought I'd use black & white gloves, but these have more punch. The screw/bolt digs into a block from a flash card set that was a last-minute addition, because I was determined to have her leaning on that screw even though it wasn't long enough.

Originally, she was holding the apron, too - not the knives, scissors, etc. - but when I spotted them, I decided to have her wear the apron instead. Finally, she was tilted a bit to really give the appearance of leaning but also to add a bit of a diagonal to the vertical composition.

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