Friday, March 16, 2012

Still tweaking

Autumn's Arrival Gave Venus the Perfect Excuse to Cover Up

After: Venus - Emboldened - Finds the Courage to Cover Up
5"x5" - matted and framed to 8"x11"
So, this is what happens when you move your studio, finish work for a few shows and aren't ready to start new work, because you will be out of town for a week: you keep tweaking the old stuff. Well, at least that's what I am up to as I sort things in the studio.

These are simple changes - a caption and title change on Venus that has her taking charge. In the first collage, she was kind of passive. Of course, the caption also elevates the humor.

"Help!" was also retitled - too timid - and the text on the bottom right was covered. Looking at it again, it occurred to me that the phrase wasn't advice like the other text. "Be Zen" struck me as hilarious. So, in it went.

After: Lettie - Knee Deep in Advice - Stops Listening

5"x5" - matted and framed to 8"x11"

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