Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back in the kitchen ...

Janine Wasn't Fooling Anybody With That Cocoa Cup (2012)
mixed-media collage: antique scrap, vintage illustration,
recycled paint sample, recycled wine label, marker, ink,
watercolor. 5"x5" on archival mat board.
Price: $75 (matted to fit a standard 8"x10" frame), $90 (framed). 
I'm taking a break from the Paper, Scissors, Rock series - which will have 4-5 more pieces in it - by returning to Food Colors, a series created for the annual The Art of Food exhibition at The Carnegie. I got carried away and whipped up six more collages, which you'll be seeing over the next few days.

For this one, I was so happy to be able to use a wine label carefully peeled from a bottle months ago. Unfortunately, most of its beautiful red, glossy leaves - the thing so attractive about it - are hidden now. It was moved every which way but it was impossible to get in more of the leaves and the type - and I really wanted the words.

The paint sample is actually two separate ones combined to take the viewer from coffee and chocolate to claret and bordeaux. Now that we've gotten to wine, well, although I didn't want Janine to appear to be a total lush, I couldn't resist tinting her lips and fingertips purple.  

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