Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Paper, Rock, Scissors - No. 4

Paper, Rock, Scissors (2012)
mixed-media collage: antique illustrations (Delineator, March 1893;
Ladies World, Oct. 1895), vintage paper doll (Victorian Fashion Dolls, Dover, 1977)
and illustration (Encyclopedia of Source Illustrations: Vol. 1, Morgan & Morgan, 1972),
recycled Champion paper sample kit (1989), recycled book cover (circa 1960s) and ad,
ink, marker, watercolor. 5.5" x 11.5" on archival mat board.
Price: $125 (matted, unframed), available in November.

I thought Caroline would be the culmination of the Scissors, Rock, Paper series. But, there's one more dancing around in my head.

In any case, unlike the others, the background here depicts each word in the title rather than one. I played with her carrying the scissors in many ways, then, thought about putting them in the hands of one of her dresses. Next thing I knew, I was adding the wedding dress, too. Now,  each figure carries an object representative of the title.

There are more layers - soooooo carefully cut and positioned - but they're obscured by the dresses now. What did survive is a bit of the strip from a paper book cover with instructions for using it. The cover was a freebie from White Castle back in the '60s and has a wild op-art pattern that's sure to pop up in some other piece.

As for No. 5 in the series, well, I'm waiting for a cache of paper dolls a friend has promised me. Then, we'll see ...

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