Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Christmas in July

Ho! Ho! Ho! 5
mixed media collage: antique postcard and illustration (St. Nicholas magazine);
vintage sheet music and embossed scrap (printed in Germany); recycled greeting card
and wrapping paper; acrylic paint, ink, acrylic sealer, acrylic varnish.
5" x 5" on cradled hardwood panel. (2011)

Ho! Ho! Ho! 2
mixed media collage: antique endpaper; vintage embossed scrap (printed in Germany),
sheet music and book page (Book of Intertype Faces, 1928); acrylic gel transfer; ink,
acrylic sealer, acrylic varnish. 5" x 5" on cradled hardwood panel. (2011)


Wow. You never know WHEN a piece might sell. Like when it is 95 degrees and winter seems light years away.

A woman who was picking up her children from a class, dropped into the studio last week. As she browsed, she mentioned liking the cradled birch boxes that the Out On a Limb series is made on. We talked a bit and I happened to say that the only other series created in that format was one with Santas.

Her eyes lit up. It turned out that she and her children gave her mother a Santa every year, and that she was looking for ones that were not mass-produced. I told her that there were a few Santas left in the series.

She didn't have time to look at them, but gave me her e-mail address, took one of my cards and said she'd be back. The next morning, I had a note from her in my in box. She did return, and ended up buying the two Santas above - she brought her children with her to make the selection and they were evenly split, so she got both - as well as Out On a Limb: 26 and Out On a Limb: 30.

She had spotted the latter on the web site. Or maybe it was the blog? No matter, because it ended up being Christmas in July for me, as well as for her.

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