Monday, July 30, 2012

F Bomb

F Bomb (2012)
mixed-media collage: antique and vintage text, recycled book proof,
vintage game piece, ink, acrylic paint, glue. 6" x 9" on acid-free mat board.
Not priced yet.
I've been going back and forth about posting more of the bomb series being made for a solo show in November at the Thompson House's Shooting Gallery.

Part of me thinks that showing them now takes away any element of surprise - even if looking at art on a computer screen is a far different experience than looking at it in person. Another part of me thinks that by the time the show opens viewers might think that what's actually new work has been shown before. And yet another part of me thinks that, um, I'm thinking too much.

Enough already. I'm posting them.

F Bomb had an antique engineering diagram as its original background with the bomb placed just about where it is now. Nothing else. That was it. Until I came across the current background - two pages of an old book proof. Once that was selected, the piece cried out for more.

Red paint was splattered around. Then, the background was masked and more paint was splattered to form a fiery/smoky path. A day or two later, the idea hit me to stamp fs on it, at first, to form a fuse, then, to add more texture. The game piece that highlights a Braille f was the final touch.

It's not sealed yet so there could be a few small changes.        

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