Thursday, August 2, 2012

Smoke and mirrors

I nabbed copies of the June and August 1899 issues of Harper's New Monthly Magazine yesterday - and for a mere $1 each, I might add. The Harper Brothers launched the magazine in 1850, followed by Harper's Weekly in 1857 and Harper's Bazaar in 1867. The latter still exists, as does the book publishing end of the business - now HarperCollins Publishers.

One reason the magazines were appealing: the ads are in good shape. In most magazines of that era, ads were at the front and back only - the places that get all the wear and tear. So, while they make interesting reading, they don't necessarily make good collage material.

These are splendid. I cherry-picked a few favorites to post, starting with the outrageous ad at top that gives the post its title.

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