Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Zig-Zag papers, a guitar and ...

Papers, Scissors, Soft Rock
antique trade card (Columbus, Ohio, guitar company, 1892) and illustration
(The Delineator); vintage record sleeve (Columbia), illustrations
(Lothar Meggendorfer's International Circus, Kestrel Books, 1979; 

Victorian Fashion Paper Dolls, 1977)  and sheet music (Chappell & Co., 1936); 
found paper;  ink, watercolor, marker; 5.5" x 11.5" on acid-free mat board.
Price: $125 (matted, unframed, available in November)  

A while back, I said the "Scissors, Paper, Rock" series would continue, and it has. "Papers, Scissors, Soft Rock" - cue the groan - takes the work in a new direction. I'm having fun with it, so look for three to four additional collages.

This one happened purely by accident when I remembered a package of Zig-Zag papers I found one morning while walking to the studio. Honestly. Then I recalled a Victorian trade card with a guitar, and, things took off from there.

I wanted Daphne onstage and found the curtains in a vintage pop-up book that my friend Shirley Tenhover sent to me. As it turned out, I  had a copy of the book in my collection but wasn't ready to sacrifice it ... yet.

The background - a vintage record sleeve - came via our basement, where I'm rummaging through the vinyl for more material for the rest of the collages.  

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