Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sowing the seeds of art

Now that spring is here, we are inevitably thinking about seeds and planting our annual veggie garden. Well, garden might be a stretch. We don't have much sunlight in the yard, so our planting is limited.

In any case, I was reminded of the almost-antique seed packets in my archive. I bought a cache of circa 1920 Card Seed Co. packets at the Tri-State Antique Market in Indiana a few years ago. Had no clue what would be done with them. Initially, they were to be framed. Now, not so sure.

The striking packets were lithographed, giving them a soft, lush look. Prices vary wildly. Mine were $1.50 each, but I just saw the beets for sale online for $7.99. Carrots and corn hit the $14.99 range.

Another reason I was reminded of these is an e-mail from the Hudson Valley Seed Library that landed in my in box. The company has been commissioning artists to create the art for its heirloom seed packets. New Art Packs are issued annually. Of course, these images are copyrighted, so I wouldn't think of using them in my work. But I love the idea and have bought some to frame. Oh, and to plant what's inside, too.

Twenty six artists are featured this year. Here are a few of my faves ... and who knows, if they revive the Cincinnati Flower Show maybe the library's traveling "pop-up" booth will come our way. This year, it's headed to shows around the country. At the annual Philadelphia Flower Show earlier this month, there was a gallery show of the original art work, too.

Art by David Gordon.
Art by Bill Rybak (out of stock).

Art by Natalie Merchant.
Art by Lynne Bittner.

Art by Jennifer Knaus.

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  1. Loved this post and the seed library's website. New to me. Thanks!