Friday, March 22, 2013

To the rescue ...

I find that the final piece for a show can be the most problematic. Maybe it's burn out. My mind gets kind of fuzzy, and I can't make decisions. I was determined to include a ballooning piece in the RolePlay exhibit that opens later this month. It's a nod to my late brother, David, who was a balloonist. (Though I should add that he never had to be rescued.) It was coming together fairly well, but didn't feel right.

Sometimes, a stroll around the work table pays off. Looking at a piece sideways or upside down can help me see it more clearly. If that makes sense?! Earlier, it lead to moving the watercolor sections from the top of the collage to the bottom as a way of grounding it, and providing a horizon.

Another stroll, and the collage became a vertical. Aha! Even though I liked, liked, liked it, I let it sit overnight. 

When I returned to the studio Thursday morning, I changed my mind again. Back came the original horizontal version. There are many other changes, too. It's so much fun when it reaches the point of embellishment. It's similar to when the prep work for a meal is complete and you can - finally - get to cooking and playing around. 

The woman in front was added - she pops out courtesy of black foam core board behind her. More rescue tools were glued down, including some ridiculous ones. And the misguided mister is now losing his hat, too.

One thing left to do: name it! 

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