Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A startling war-time atlas

Yes. I've vowed again and again not to buy more maps. But while detouring through antique shops
in Lebanon, Ohio, I spotted this atlas. It was published in 1940 by Chicago's Geographical
Publishing Co. Thumbing through it, it didn't seem extraordinary. Until I reached the back, and a special section of maps depicting the war in Europe and Asia.

The bold red symbols - fists, boats, arrows, swastikas - were so striking as was the idea of
"remapping the world" at such a tumultuous time, that I felt compelled to buy it. I might
have been subliminally influenced by this year's 70th anniversary of D-Day, too.

As always, who knows what I'll do with it, if anything. Meantime, here's a look at some
of the maps (minus Asia, because the photo I took was out of focus, I'll try adding it later) …

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